Nigerian Shipping Companies Association Certified Member
National Maritime Authority Registered Shipping Line/National Carrier
Nigerian Ports Authority Registered Shipping Company
Nigerian Customs and excise Registered Licensed Agent
Associations of Nigerian Customs License Agents Certified Member
Transport Association of Nigeria (TAN) Certified Member
Association of Nigerian Oil and Gas Cargo Carriers (ANOG) Certified Member


In order to facilitate the purpose of its international operations including those of tonnage chartering, vessel sourcing, cargo tracking and shipping and and international cargo referrals, the company currently maintains useful affiliations with a number of “Blue Chip” International Shipping and Oil Trading Organizations. Integrated also maintains operational linkage with numerous sales and purchase brokers in London in respect of any business which may involve the sourcing of shipping tonnage whether for sale or purchase or for charter purposes.

Integrated Oil & Gas vision is to be a dynamic, effective and efficient supplier in the Nigeria Oil & Gas industry, continuously delivering exceptional performance

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